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EDTECH MONSTER LIMITED - Voice Volume Meter Pro アートワーク Voice Volume Meter Pro
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2016年10月24日

The Voice Volume Meter Pro app, while originally designed for, and in collaboration with, Speech Language Pathologists, is useful for anyone who needs help controlling the volume of their own voice.

It is simple to use, and provides a visual feedback depending on your voice volume.

If the app display Blue, it gives an indication that you are speaking too quietly and need to “speak up”, if it displays Green, then your voice volume is good, and if it displays Red, then you are talking too loudly.

The user, or Speech Language Pathologist, can set the Upper and Lower thresholds, of an acceptable voice volume, and lock these once set. The relevant dB values are displayed while the thresholds are being set.

The Current, Maximum and Peak dB values are displayed on the main screen, these can be switched ON/OFF as required. The Peak value can be reset at any time by simply tapping on it.

The app can also be calibrated, to take into account local environmental conditions.

The "Voice Volume Meter Pro" can be useful if you are giving a speech, or presenting publically, by providing visual feedback on the volume of your voice. Making sure you are heard….but without shouting!

You can adjust various settings, (in addition to the Upper and Lower thresholds), such as a calibration slider, a slider to adjust the sampling rate, you can even select a different graphical theme….with more themes to come in future updates.

You have direct access to the developers (from inside the app) if you have any issues with it or can think of any ways in which it can be improved, we would love to hear from you.

Our hope is that this app provides real value to all those people who need to control the volume of their voice.

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