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Somnus – Martin Valena Healthcare Pty Ltd

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Martin Valena Healthcare Pty Ltd - Somnus アートワーク Somnus
Martin Valena Healthcare Pty Ltd
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥2,320
リリース日: 2018年3月26日

macOS version now included with this purchase, which runs natively on Apple Silicon Macs.

Fast & efficient Anaesthesia, Surgical & Critical Care case & procedure logging, backed with secure, encrypted & private iCloud syncing, with powerful searching and exporting features & local data encryption.

• Your Data on Your Device 
- No internet required
- Enter as little or as much Case data as you wish, with no minimum requirements
- Use generic Patients or for a more powerful database, add specific Patients to your Cases
- Intelligent data entry prevents errors (eg. ASA 1 patients with comorbidities)
- Data is encrypted & protected on device by Face ID or Touch ID (and a fallback PIN)
- Intelligent relational database means renaming an item in one place sees it update everywhere, instantly.

• Fully Customisable
- All list items are there for you to edit, merge, rename, delete... or create your own to suit your needs
- Personal Lists are for you to create your own categories & items to add to Cases
- Create Templates to make starting a Case as simple as two taps
- Create Searches to view & analyse your data in sophisticated ways.

• Syncing via iCloud is Private, Secure & Encrypted
- No special logins or accounts required, just your iCloud login
- Uses Apple’s iCloud infrastructure only
- No information is collected or accessible to anyone other than you
- Turn it off and use your devices independently if you wish
- Everything syncs: Templates, Searches, Photos, ID Labels & even most Settings

• ID Label (Bradma) & Document Scanning
- It’s never been faster to add a patient
- Just start by scanning their ID Label
- Analysis is all done on-device, no data leaves your device.
- If you see the same patient again, you can re-scan the label. If it has changed, choose to update their other Cases
- Potentially valid data (names, dates of birth) will be detected and automatically added
- Scan document text straight into your Case notes

• Clinical Photos
- For images that aren’t scannable, add as many to a Case as you like 
- Bear in mind they take up about 5MB per image (ID Labels are tiny)
- Data is encrypted & secure
- Export or import images to & from your Photo Library as required

• Exporting Your Data as a
 - Case Report (PDF) including all Patient & Case details, notes & photos
- Billing Report (PDF) for billing assistance
- Australian users can have fee estimates automatically generated using the built-in RVG
- Summary Report (PDF) for your records, auditing or teaching
- Summary Report (CSV) to have all your data in a form that is device & app independent (see website for details)
- Spreadsheet (CSV) to have all your data in a form that is device & app independent (see website for details)
- Data File to send to another user for their copy of Somnus

• Importing Your Data
- Import Somnus Data, Backups or CSV files
- CSV Files can be used to quickly pre-populate upcoming lists so you can start the Booked Case with a tap

• iPad & Mac Specific Features
- Advanced drag & drop (Cases, Photos & Charts) straight into most other Apps
- Cases can be dropped as PDF Reports, Data Files
- Searches can be dropped as PDF Summary Reports
- Drag CSV or Data files straight onto the Somnus Dashboard to import
- Keyboard shortcuts for external keyboards to speed up navigation & data entry
- This is particularly useful when syncing with iCloud: enter your data on the iPhone in theatre, view it on the iPad in fullscreen later

• Other Features
- Siri Shortcuts for starting & stopping Cases (iOS only)
- Realtime Case timers
- Theatre utilisation summaries
- Tappable items in Notes (phone numbers, emails, dates, addresses)
- And so much more!

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