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iDefibrillate – AED Simulator – Gerry Shaw

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Gerry Shaw - iDefibrillate - AED Simulator アートワーク iDefibrillate - AED Simulator
Gerry Shaw
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2010年3月8日

iDefibrillate is an accurate simulator of an AED (Automatic External Defibrillator) designed to be used for CPR training and general familiarization.

An AED is a device used to provide a shock of electricity to somebody in cardiac arrest (having a heart attack). It is the definitive treatment and knowing how to use one is an important skill for firefighters, EMTs, paramedics, nurses, doctors and with the prevalence of AEDs in public locations the general public.

This app is designed to give people a chance to see, hear and interact with an AED. If you have ever been curious as to how one operates now is your chance.

The built-in scenario editor lets you create a custom scenario or it can generate a random scenario for you. Combine an iPod Touch or iPhone, iDefibrillate and a pair of electrode pads and you've got an inexpensive realistic training environment for practicing CPR with AED without the need for costly AED trainers.

Designed and built by a Canadian ambulance paramedic and volunteer firefighter with 20 years of software development experience.


* Authentic simulation of an AED with realistic voice prompts, button clicks, sound effects, graphics, animations and flashing lights
* Realistic two line LED display showing instructions, number of shocks and a two minute CPR countdown timer between analyzes
* Scenario editor allows for custom or randomly generated scenarios
* Adheres to 2010 CPR Guidelines
* Great price

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