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HemocyTap – Raul Garcia

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Raul Garcia - HemocyTap アートワーク HemocyTap
Raul Garcia
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2013年3月20日

HemocyTap is the perfect companion to count cells using a hemocytometer. Count live & dead cells, calculate the cell density, viability & new culture volume, save and send your data via email and plot the evolution over time!

Do your thumbs get tired after tally-counting cells?
Do you feel stupid when you miss the button of the calculator and you have to start all over again?
Do you wish you could have all your counts in a .csv file without typing them yourself? And have it sent instantaneously via email?

Keep reading.

HemocyTap is your hemocytometer app! This is what it can do to make your life easier:

•use two tally counters, one for live cells and one for dead cells
•each makes a different sound so that you know you pressed the correct one
•keeps track of all the cells you have counted in each square
•change the square you’re counting just as you change the square you see in the microscope
•set the number of squares you want to count by default – they will appear highlighted
•choose to count the big squares or the small squares inside the central square
•*NEW!* Long tap to unselect a square to count

•calculates the average of your counts for you
•gives you the volume you need to add to obtain the desired cell density when subculturing
•displays cell viability and live cell number
•you only have to provide the original volume of your culture, the desired cell density and the dilution
•*NEW!* Choose μL or mL units
•*NEW!* Supports decimal dilutions

•Email instantaneously your counts in csv files
•Single counts or bulk experiment data
•Export to other iOS devices with HemocyTap: share counts with lab colleagues or keep it as a backup in case you accidentally delete your file.

Viewing and analysing:
•Features a plot option to keep track of how well your culture is performing
•Move counts between folders
•Plots your viability and live cells over time!
•Keep track of cell doubling times between counts
•Access previous counts and check the latest cell numbers of your culture and delete any unwanted counts

Other new features:
•*NEW!* Now supports iOS 11
•*NEW!* Timer to keep track of other lab tasks

Disclaimer: This app is intended purely for educational purposes. Do not use it for medical diagnosis.

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