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Hematox – Pierre Chaillet

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Pierre Chaillet - Hematox アートワーク Hematox
Pierre Chaillet
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥600
リリース日: 2011年12月21日

Hematox®, a bibliographical databank based on drug-induced blood disorders, was created in 1983 by Michel BIOUR (MD, PhD), and monthly updated in accordance with other bibliographical databases to the analysis of the references cited in the articles. All the published cases for selection and classification were re-evaluated in accordance with criterions usually validated in hematology. 1069 drugs are registered with 15126 corresponding and available references. Anticancer drugs and immunomodulators, well known for their intrinsic hematotoxicity, are not indexed in Hematox.

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