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Insuma GmbH - Fracture 3D アートワーク Fracture 3D
Insuma GmbH
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2015年6月21日

This fracture classification app is the first of its kind:

- with innovative 3D fracture models, freely zoomable and rotatable in any direction without an additional viewer;

- always usable thanks to an off-line database;

- with drawings and 3D-models for each classification type, and for
the subtypes;

- qualifications for each fracture type included;

- bilingual (English and German toggle at each level);

- upcoming add-ons.

This app was designed and developed by a team of practicing clinical trauma surgeons from two trauma centers in Germany and computer scientists. The 3D-models were developed in cooperation with engineers of OTM, Munich, Germany.

Unambiguous classification of fractures is necessary for traumatology, in trauma clinics and trauma centers, as well as in university and orthopedic hospitals.

For the classification of fractures of the long bones, the use of the AO classification has established itself worldwide - now supplemented by the OTA (Orthopedic Trauma Association).

This classification has first been introduced by Mueller et al in 1987 in French. The English version by Mueller et al followed in 1990. It has been adapted several times and is now used world wide in its present form as AO/OTA Fracture and Dislocation Classification.

This classification of fractures of the long tubular bones makes it possible to subdivide and classify fractures of the upper and lower arm, as well as upper and lower leg in 323 different letter/number
(alphanumerical) combinations. Since this classification system is independent of language, it can be used globally to make comparisons in clinical practice and research. The classification system also makes it possible to estimate the seriousness of the injury and the prognosis.

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