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Dysphagia – Northern Speech Services, Inc

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Northern Speech Services, Inc - Dysphagia アートワーク Dysphagia
Northern Speech Services, Inc
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥1,220
リリース日: 2012年2月10日

Excellent visual tool to aid professionals in educating patients and families about swallowing disorders. This app features custom-designed animations derived from MBSImP™ research on swallowing physiology and impairment. The animations accurately depict normal swallow physiology and provide clear examples of varying physiologic impairments of the swallow. Controls allow for zoom, slow motion, pause, and frame-by-frame scroll. Includes an overview of normal swallow function, and links to other educational resources.

Animations are of adult physiology and include:

• Normal Swallow, Lateral View
• Normal Swallow, A/P View
• Example of Penetration with Aspiration
• Impairment of Anterior Hyoid Excursion
• Impairment of Bolus Hold
• Impairment of Bolus Transport
• Impairment of Epiglottic Movement
• Impairment of Esophageal Clearance
• Impairment of Initiation of Pharyngeal Swallow
• Impairment of Laryngeal Elevation
• Impairment of Laryngeal Vestibular Closure
• Impairment of Lip Closure
• Impairment of Mastication
• Impairment of PES Opening
• Impairment of Pharyngeal Contraction
• Impairment of Pharyngeal Stripping Wave
• Impairment of Soft Palate Elevation
• Impairment of Tongue Base Retraction

User Notes:

• Animations depict adult physiology, including normal swallow.

• Animations do not include narration. Visual tool only.

• The animations included in this app accurately represent the anatomy and physiology of normal and impaired swallowing function. They were developed in conjunction with the evidence-based "Modified Barium Swallow Impairment Profile," or MBSImP.

• Rarely does one physiologic swallow impairment exist alone. This app highlights primary impairments, but co-existing impairments typically occur and the examples shown here are no exception.

• Available for iPhone and iPad.

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