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DxCheck – James Tomlinson

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James Tomlinson - DxCheck アートワーク DxCheck
James Tomlinson
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2015年8月10日

DxCheck allows you to quickly and easily understand the gray areas between my “patient definitely has the diagnosis” in question and “definitely does not”. Likelihood ratios (LRs) are the most effective way to apply the evidence specifically to your patient. DxCheck can be used in the clinic when you need it most.

The Multi Test screen allows you to see how confident you should be in a diagnosis at each step from prevalence or pre-test probability to your decision threshold as you enter LRs for information gathered in the patient history and as clinical tests are performed.

The Single Test screen shows you numerically and graphically the effect a positive or negative clinical test result should have on the diagnostic process. You can enter results found in the literature whether reported as positive and negative LRs, sensitivity and specificity values or raw data in a 2x2 table.

With DxCheck clinicians, residents, interns and students can readily:
- know how confident to be at each step of the diagnosis process.
- apply the results of an article to their patient.
- create a decision algorithm for patients seen routinely.
- use test results for an individual patient when only sensitivity and specificity are reported.
- evaluate a new clinical diagnostic test by seeing the effect of a positive or negative result numerically and graphically.
- explain the diagnostic process to a patient.

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