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Diabetes Assistant – ARB Soft, Inc.

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ARB Soft, Inc. - Diabetes Assistant アートワーク Diabetes Assistant
ARB Soft, Inc.
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥480
リリース日: 2016年12月2日

iDFoCS application objective is to help the user to keep track of his/her parameters, results and to show a ‘potential simulated’ trend over the next 16hrs.

The application is organized around multiple modules inter related accessible from 5 main ‘tabs’ located on the bottom tab bar
Dashboard : including Personal data, Diary, HbA1c eAG BMI Weight, Insulin used and weekly Glucose activity.
Activity : Blood Sugar test, Insulin used (2 max) + Injection site and Exercise.
Reserve : List of Insulin brand & delivery type, Order view and reserve view.
Meal Builder: Meal builder view, Food list (with characteristics), Preset Meals & Meal composition
Help & Tools: Help, Tools & Info

- A - Dashboard Page:
With corresponding controls the user will be able to Search in the diary, eMail a screen shot to the Doctor, Update his/her profile, ....
The Diary lists the events composed of: Date and Time of the event, Carbs, Glucose Index, Calories, Insulin type, Glucose and Exercise Value for the event.
Also are displayed on a graphic form the current values of HbA1c, Average Blood Sugar (eAG), Weight and BMI.
Finally a weekly Glucose activity graph.

- B - Activity Page
- Blood Sugar View will allow the user to enter his/her blood sugar test result and show the estimated value from the simulator at this time.
- Insulin Type & Qty Available View will allow the user to enter the insulin intake. The remaining quantity is shown live
- Insulin Injection site view: The user can record the location of its injection by selecting the body side.
- Meal View will allow the user to enter the type of the meal intake by selecting the type of the Meal (Brkfst, Lunch …), its qty of Carbs (Low, Med,…) and its Glycemic Index : GI (45, 65, …).
Preselected meal, if already entered trough the Food section, can be used too. Finally a summary of daily calories & carbs both Recommended and Used are displayed permanently.
- Exercise View will allow the user to select a type of Activity, its length & Intensity. Based on the selection the simulator will compute the estimated effect on the Blood Sugar level.

- C -Reserve Page
- Order view : to record the order of Insulin and update the reserve
- Reserve view : display the current content status of the reserve
- List of current Insulin type and delivery in the market.

- D - Meal Builder Page
- Food Description List initially delivered with the simulator describing Qty, Weight, Carbs, Calories and GI for each of them.
- Meal View : when active the user will be able to update or create a new preset Meal.
- Meal Builder View : when active the user will be able to:
Add a new preset meal or Modify a current preset meal.

This application is designed for iPhone generation 6, 6+ and following-- -------------------- IMPORTANT --------------------------
Any and all information presented by ARBSoft, Inc. in this application, was prepared using sources that are believed to be accurate and reliable. However, there should be no implied guarantees. In no way, shape, or form should any information found in iDFoCS application be construed for medical advice. The information found herein should never supersede information provided by a medical professional. The Trend values are for imformation and guidance only, they cannot be considered as accurate predicted values.
----------------------------------------------------------------------AS OF 15Jun2017 This app is considered stable and will not be supported.

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