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Awesome Ultrasound Simulator – Per Ostergren

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Per Ostergren - Awesome Ultrasound Simulator アートワーク Awesome Ultrasound Simulator
Per Ostergren
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥2,400
リリース日: 2016年2月4日

Use this App to incorporate a dynamic point of care ultrasound examination in your medical simulations. Suitable for training of both medical and surgical cases, cheaper than anything you'll ever buy for use in medical simulation.

Suitable in training of EMS, anesthesia, paramedics, trauma teams, HEMS, or anyone else that use ultrasound in their clinical work.

Connect two devices running the app over WiFi or Bluetooth, using one as a monitor and the other one as a remote held by the simulation observer. Clips are triggered by pushing and holding down a button on the remote in tandem with the simulated exam.

Simulate a full ultrasound examination of pleura, lung base, heart (PLAX, A4C and subcostal view), the three points of the FAST exam, the femoral veins and the aorta.

Make your own case by assigning different pathologies including: pneumothorax, pneumonia, B-lines, pleural effusion, high and low EF, LV & RV infarction, tamponade, endocarditis, cardiac arrest, LUCAS compressions, type A dissection, hydronefrosis, aortic aneurysm, DVT, and free abdominal fluid. Changes can be made on the fly, simulating dynamic course. Save and load cases later for quick changes during your scenario.

CPR mode lets you easily access clips of Compressions, Asystole, Vfib and Normal contractions for training in using ultrasound during CPR pulse checks.

Use the app when training with usual mannequins or even live actors! Can easily be used as an examination tool for basic P.O.C. ultrasound courses. Add a probe to the monitor for improved fidelity!

'Team Mode' enables multiple pairs of devices to stay connected without interference if used in close poximity of each other, 10 different groups can use the app at once.

It's truly an Awesome Ultrasound Simulator!

Used all around the globe, by the ATACC course in GB, Care Flight Australia and many others.

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