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Auriculo – Miridia Technology, Inc.

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Miridia Technology, Inc. - Auriculo アートワーク Auriculo
Miridia Technology, Inc.
ジャンル: メディカル
価格: ¥3,680
リリース日: 2009年11月2日

Auriculo is the finest desktop Auriculotherapy TCM point reference application available anywhere--and now it’s available for iPhone and iPod!

Featuring complete European and Chinese charts for locating specific auriculotherapy points as well as more than 175 protocols for treating common ailments, Auriculo is the fast, easy way to access auriculotherapy information on the fly!

Auriculo is complete: With nearly 320 charts, and 177 treatment protocols, you’ll find just what you need--without having to consult dozens of reference books! Here’s just a sample of the protocols included in Auriculo:
* Alcoholism
* Allergies
* Anxiety
* Asthma
* Bladder Control
* Constipation
* Depression
* Drug Addiction
* Gall Bladder
* Headache
* Hemorrhoids
* Hyperactivity Disorder
* Impotence
* Insomnia
* Knee Pain
* Premenstral Syndrome
* Shingles
* Smoking Withdrawal
* Sore Throat
* Stuttering
* Toothache
* Vision Problems
* Weight Control

Includes beautiful, full-color, easy-to-read illustrations and a clean and intuitive interface--right in your pocket.

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