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S:G LiDAR – Infrared Laser Cam – Neil Davies

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Neil Davies - S:G LiDAR - Infrared Laser Cam アートワーク S:G LiDAR - Infrared Laser Cam
Neil Davies
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2023年7月24日


Introducing S:G LiDAR - Infrared Laser Cam: Unleash the Power of Lidar Vision

Discover a new dimension of paranormal exploration with the SG LiDAR - Infrared Laser Cam.

This innovative app utilises the cutting-edge rear facing LiDAR sensor or the front facing TrueDepth infrared camera on your device to reveal the unseen world.

S:G Lidar adapts to your iPhone's capabilities, utilising the rear-facing Lidar sensor if available. For devices without a rear-facing Lidar sensor, the front-facing TrueDepth infrared camera is seamlessly integrated. If your device has both cameras, you can seamlessly switch between the 2 using the flip camera button.

Capture your encounters with ease using the built-in screen recording feature on your device.

** Important Info **

Not all iPhones or iPads have got the rear facing LiDAR sensor.

iPhone 12 pro, iPhone 13 pro, iPhone 14 pro have all got the rear facing LiDAR sensor, along with the latest iPad pro.

If your iPhone or iPad has the front facing camera used for Face ID, then you will be able to use the front facing true depth camera.

PLEASE check your device capabilities before purchasing this app.

** Disclaimer **

Use at your own risk, I cannot be held personally responsible for you or any outcome (paranormal or otherwise) from using this app!

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