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NNN Software - QuiltSize アートワーク QuiltSize
NNN Software
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2015年12月21日

QuiltSize does the quilt math so you can quickly see the answer to the question, “How many blocks do I need?” First, set the overall size for your quilt and blocks. Now — as you play with borders, sashing, and setting — the diagram instantly adds and subtracts blocks to show how the quilt layout fits within the size you wanted.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Neither QuiltSize nor QuiltSandwich provide block designs. There are marvelous resources available to quilters for block designs — from fancy programs to pencil and paper. If you want to use pencil and paper, check out the app QuiltPaper. QuiltPaper creates unique quilter’s graph papers that can be printed or colored on your device.

Three steps (no in-app purchases!) is all it takes to know exactly how many blocks you’ll need —

STEP 1. Set the ideal size for the quilt. Tap to choose a standard mattress or set a custom size. Then, add side drops, end drops and a pillow tuck until it is just right.

STEP 2. Use menus to select an overall layout, choose setting, set block size, and add sashing and borders:
Layout — Choice of Block-to-block or Center panel
Setting — Tap to switch between Straight or On point
Blocks — Choose Squares or Rectangles
Pattern — Tap to switch between a pattern of Single or Alternating blocks
Sashing — Choice of Horizontal or Vertical layout and Cornerstone options
Borders — Ability to add four borders, width can vary on each side

STEP 3. How’s the diagram look? Not quite right?
Play with menu options to instantly update the layout until it looks just right!

It’s your plan, so of course you can share it!
Share your project layout diagram as an Image or with notes as a PDF.

Want help with the quilt math to create your project?
QuiltSandwich does the quilt math so you can quickly answer the question, “How much fabric do I need?”

Just a tap will share the QuiltSize layout to QuiltSandwich!
QuiltSize sends the blocks as placeholders, and all pieces for sashing, borders, center panel, binding, batting and backing. QuiltSandwich creates yardage and cutting diagrams for all the pieces. Replace the placeholder blocks with the size and count of the block pieces and you’ll have a full set of yardage and cutting diagrams.

Got questions or comments? We’re here to help! Go to our website at for tips and video helps or to send a message.

Your design. Your project. Our math.

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