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Prado Museum HD – Macsoftex

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Macsoftex - Prado Museum HD アートワーク Prado Museum HD
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2017年9月17日

Virtual tour of the art galleries of the Prado Museum - you will find here best works of Goya, Velazquez, El Greco, Bosch, Brueghel, Van Dyck, Rubens, Poussin, Raphael, Titian and other great masters.

The most famous paintings of the museum:
- “The Garden of Earthly Delights” by Bosch
- “Las Meninas” by Velazquez
- “Saturn Devouring His Son” by Goya
- “Danaë” by Titian

Our app guides you through the treasures of the museum, where you can enjoy the masterpieces of world art and become more erudite.

- 2500 paintings of 290 masters
- Separation of paintings by genres and authors
- Download of paintings in high resolution

- Access to HD versions of paintings
- Convenient search for paintings
- Adding paintings to My favorites

- Slideshow Mode
- Download paintings for the offline viewing
- Zoom of Paintings

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