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Peaceful World Music – Terry Lim

10月 13, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Terry Lim - Peaceful World Music アートワーク Peaceful World Music
Terry Lim
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2020年9月28日


This unique app plays an endless stream of soothing music, and even works in the background while you are using another app or game on your phone.

In some small way, may it help you achieve the peace of mind we all could use!

There are exactly 450,000 combinations of music (10 x 5 regions), background image (75), haze filter (6) and spinning meditation wheel (20), presented randomly so that your experience is different every time you use the app.

The music
The music uses typical instrument sounds, moods and musical structures of the world music genre, but it is original music, not the classical or traditional music of the respective world regions.

Without attempting to mimic or appropriate the traditional forms, this music has drawn inspiration from the timbral characteristics of the instruments, while being rooted in Western diatonic idioms, melodies and harmonies.

The result is pieces that have been specially composed and performed to help listeners achieve a state of mental clarity, lowering stress, increasing energy and facilitating meditation, recovery and wellbeing.

When to use this app
Peaceful World Music is useful in these situations:
1. it relaxes you when you are feeling stressed
2. it helps clear your mind when you are overwhelmed or confused, and helps induce a quiet mind for meditation
3. it restores energy through the positive effects of properly structured, diatonic music based on the physics and acoustic principles found in nature
4. when played with the volume low, the rhythmic pieces will often induce a calm state, helping you fall asleep.

Important notice
This is not a medical or therapeutic app—it is intended for relaxation, destressing and meditation, and is meant to appeal to lovers of the sounds of world music instruments.

Comparison with similar apps
Apps that allow you to listen to the sounds of nature, or white noise, or long, sustained and unstructured, repetitive aural patterns, such as you might hear at a spa, may indeed be soothing.

However, their inherent lack of the essential elements of melody, harmony, rhythm and timbral mix means that they don’t provide your brain with the specific stimulation from which it can benefit when it sorts out the complex interactions between experiences captured in your memory.

The music in this app has specifically been composed to address this.

How music affects us
You might think that soothing and relaxing music needs to be soft, slow, sustained or repetitive, but this is not the case. You may notice percussive accents, and even rhythmic beats. These are intentional, and add structure to the music. They provide just the right amount of mental stimulation to help the brain in its processes for clearing the mind, and they deepen the meditative mood.

Full details about this app, including how to use it, how the background mode works, how to use the timer, and which world regions are represented, may be found at

If there is enough of a customer base for this app, I plan to release a free bonus set of tracks for the South American region, which will be a free upgrade available to all users. Thank you for using Peaceful World Music!

All music, photography, graphics and app development by Canadian artist/composer Rufus Lin.

© © 2020 Rufus Lin