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OM+ – Dr. Dinesh Kumar U S

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Dr. Dinesh Kumar U S - OM+ アートワーク OM+
Dr. Dinesh Kumar U S
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2017年11月23日

OM+ app helps you to chant OM for certain number of times. OM+ app gives you 4 voice options- Adult, Adult Chorus, Kid, Kids Chorus...This helps you select your choice of voice, Children can also select Kid/Kids Chorus to chant OM Mantra
***4 voice options***
√ Adult-Male OM Chanting
√ Adult-Female OM Chanting
√ Kid OM Chanting
√ Kids Chorus OM Chanting

***Number of Times OM chanting***
√ 3 Times (Approx 40Sec)
√ 6 Times (Approx 1min 40Sec)
√ 9 Times (Approx 2min 10Sec)
√ 21 Times (Approx 4Min)
√ 51 Times (Approx 12mins)
√ 108 Times (Approx 16mins)

***Why OM chanted 21 times***
• Five Oms are chanted for the organs of action: vocal chords, hands, feet, elimination organs (represented by the anus), and
generative organs.
• Five Oms are for the organs of perception: eye, ear, nose, tongue, and skin, which correspond to sight, hearing, smell,
taste, and touch.
• Five Oms are for the five vital airs of the body. English doesn't seem to have names for these vital airs, so we list them with their Sanskrit names. They are: prana (located in lungs), apana (flatus, which moves downward through the rectum), vyana (diffused throughout the whole body), samana (navel; essential to digestion), and udana (rises through throat to head).
• Five Oms are for the five sheaths or encasings of the body: the material sheath, the sheath of vital air, the mental-emotional sheath, the sheath of intellect, and the sheath of bliss.
• The last Om is for the person itself --and the person's self-realisation.

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