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Card Reading – Advicted Arts – Kronenberger & Krotky

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Advicted Arts - Kronenberger & Krotky - Card Reading アートワーク Card Reading
Advicted Arts - Kronenberger & Krotky
ジャンル: ライフスタイル
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2015年3月18日

Various readings give advice for many open questions and situations. They help to become more successful and happier, to make the right decisions and to build a life according to the own ideas.

Card for the Day
Under what sign does today stand? Draw a card and get a divination.

Greater Love Oracle
This spread portrays a love affair. Therefore it looks at the inner life of both partners and points out common challenges that may come. For singles and relationships. A variation of the famous reading with one additional card.

Future Reading
A spread that foretells the upcoming time in many different ways, from the current moment over the next period to long-term developments. The cards also give advice how everything should develop as desired and what surprises can be expected.

Yes or No
The popular spread offers its opinion to a decision between two alternatives. This can be yes or no, as well as person A or B, left or right way …

My reading
Read the cards according to your current interests, open questions and wishes. Decide how many should be drawn (1-9) and what they stand for.

You have the choice between three decks

The magical deck full of mysticism and spirituality. Its meaning is based on old religious writings, philosophical theories and newer esotericism. It can show a path to growth, freedom and mental power.

Playing Cards
Similarly interpreted like the Tarot, only more compact and concise with lesser cards.

Practically useful divinations from the Paris of the nineteenth century.

Each card is explained in detail, like in a book. In addition to a general interpretation, love and prosperity are treated separately.

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