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Velites WOD Interval Timer PRO – TimerWOD

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TimerWOD - Velites WOD Interval Timer PRO アートワーク Velites WOD Interval Timer PRO
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥400
リリース日: 2019年6月20日

Velites Workout Interval Timer: Perform any Home Workout or use it as your Timer for your Cross Training WOD's or HIIT training sessions!
Velites Interval Hiit and Cross Training Timer is the best option for any type of workout you can imagine: Intervals, For Time, Tabata, EMOM, Sally Up/Down, or Count Up/Down Stop Watch. It will always be available for you to train at home, the Cross Training Box, or your Gym. Finally, it will be your perfect training tool thanks to The COACH MODE, TABATA songs or beep sound functions, and compatibility with your favorite music apps.
Beyond that, you will also be able to use features like weight-lifting EMOM, Tabata workout timer with songs, Sally Up/Down training Song, Fitness COACH MODE, Cross Training AMRAP, For Time, Precision Chronometer/Stopwatch, and Interval timer up to 4 Intervals.

NEW! - Select your favorite sound guidance inside the Workout Timer. Choose beeps, Songs, or COACH MODE sound guidance. All of them compatible with your favorite music apps like Spotify, Tidal, Deezer, or Apple Music!!

Velites Timer will help you stay always motivated! The Best Cross Training Athletes already use it as their go to Timer on Open Box Days and Daily Training.

Velites Timer's design is precisely like the classic Cross Training Box Wall Interval Timer but on your phone and super easy to use! See always big numbers from any distance, thanks to its vast number resolution.

Velites Interval and Tabata Workout Timer Features include:

- Special Design for Cross Training athletes: Perfect for Strength Fitness Workouts,Weight-Lifting, Home Workouts, and HIIT! Train anytime, anywhere.

- TABATA workouts with original songs: With Velites Tabata Timer and a single click, you will have 2 original songs for intense Tabata Training (More coming soon). Feel the music for 4 minutes of Tabata workout at 20-second intervals of work and 10 seconds of rest!

- Sally up/down training song: The classic Cross Training challenge for Squats, Pushups, Abs training, or any exercise challenge you can come up with. 204 seconds following beeps or Green Sally Up/Down Original music.

- Fitness COACH MODE to motivate you during training and tell you the rounds left without looking at it. Fitness COACH MODE will help you crush every workout thanks to motivational words and reminders.

- Interval Timer function up to 4 Intervals: You can create any interval workout you can imagine and up to 4 Intervals. Perfect for any Cross Training, HIIT, or Home Workout Session alone or with friends. Standard 2 Intervals with Rest and workout times can also be easily configured.

- Precise Chronometer: Tenths and hundredths of second have been added in the stopwatch function in case you want to be exact with lap or time Chronometer.

- Home Workout Up/Down Stopwatch: Set the Timer to count down from 99 min and 59 sec to 0 with ease. If you prefer Up counting, configure the Coun-Up from 0 up to 99 min and 59 seconds. Includes play/pause/restart Clock functions available at all times.

- EMOM timer: Configure your EMOM for strength, endurance, run, row, jump rope, or Cross Training workouts between 1 to 99 rounds of 1 minute.

- Create and save your Custom workouts: With the new update, there are 4 different configurable intervals. Configure them once and keep them for your next Cross Training WOD or Home Workout.

- Includes full Timer Video Tutorial: Watch it and start your training NOW! Although it is super easy to set-up any workout, a video tutorial is included in case you need assistance.

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