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Soccer Plus – 伟伟 李

11月 02, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

伟伟 李 - Soccer Plus アートワーク Soccer Plus
伟伟 李
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥650
リリース日: 2021年9月1日

[ Designed for Apple Watch ]
「Soccer Plus」 is an Apple Watch app for soccer games and practices designed for amateur soccer enthusiasts.

- Record workout data by your Apple Watch during the soccer games
- View training guide videos on your Apple Watch during soccer practices

[ Record your soccer game statistics in detail ]
- Heartbeat statistics
- Pitch heatmap (need to locate the pitch’s position with your iPhone first)
- Running distance statistics
- Speed Chart

You can view the statistics on your iPhone to analyze your energy consumption, anaerobic exercise capacity, and heatmap on the pitch after soccer games.

Sync with 'Health'
Automatically synchronize workout data to "Health" and "Fitness" (requires the user's HealthKit authorization)

User authorization instructions
To read and update the user's heart rate, energy consumption, running heatmap, and other data during practice, Soccer Plus needs to be authorized to obtain access and update permissions to the HealthKit (Health) database and the usage permission to GPS.
Soccer Plus will not collect and send out any workout and health data for your privacy.

[ Get rid of the shackles of mobile phone while training ]
You can synchronize every training video to the Apple Watch.
If you forget what to do next during the training workout, lift your wrist to view the demo video on watch. You can easily follow up on training again without having to turn on the phone, which significantly increases your concentration on practices.

[ Variety of Training ]
- Technique Training
- Skill Move Training
- Strength Training
- Agility Ladder Drills
- Circle Agility Training

The training contents cover most aspects of soccer that junior soccer enthusiasts need to practice, such as improving your technique, strength, flexibility, etc.

A single person can do all training at home with difficulty divided into basic, intermediate, advanced no matter your skill level.

Training keeps coming more. Please look forward to it.

[ Not sure where to start? Explore the training plan ]
Follow the training plan if you are new to soccer and feel a little puzzled about choosing practices every day.

There are several training plans which have been packaged and matched with different focuses. Each plan consists of a few training days, which comprises different training units for every day. They are convenient and easy to catch up with.

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