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Sobriety Counter – Pro – Mario Herzberg

11月 13, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Mario Herzberg - Sobriety Counter - Pro アートワーク Sobriety Counter - Pro
Mario Herzberg
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥650
リリース日: 2020年10月23日

EasyQuit is an App to help you break the habit of drinking alcohol.
It has a "quit slowly" mode, scientific health statistics, money saved, motivational badges and many more features.

---- Motivational Health Section ----
- Countdown timer to watch all aspects of your health improve as a result of your great decision to stop this bad habit of drinking alcohol.

---- Stop Drinking Slowly Mode ----
- You cant quit drinking now because the alcohol dependance is too strong? no problem!
Easy Quit has an entire "Slow Mode" to help you stop drinking slowly.
It will create a customised plan for you to become alcohol free with less pain or stress.

---- High Level of Privacy ----
- No log in, no collection or selling of your sensitive data like email, password or contacts. Your data is saved locally on your phone.

---- Money Statistics ----
- Watch your pockets grow and see how much money you saved by being sober from alcohol.
- Set a nice treat for yourself let the app help you see how long until you reach it. This will motivate you and help you stay without alcohol.

---- Cravings & Trigger Statistics ----
- Pie Chart showing you the breakdown of your top triggers to help you eliminate your cravings fasters (Pro Version).

---- Memory Game ----
- Have an urge to have a drink? Let EasyQuit help you by providing a cool game of Memory with beautiful icons to pass the time until the urge goes away.

---- Badges ----
- Earn up to 100 different badges as rewards and use them as a motivational tool. They can also help you stay strong against the alcohol addiction if you share your progress with your friends through the screenshot option provided by EasyQuit.

---- Themes ----
- Personalize EasyQuit by choosing any of the 28 beautiful themes provided.

---- Relapse Assistant ----
- Let the app help you decide your next step after a relapse by recommending a certain action based on your previous quitting data (Pro Version).

--- Diary ---
- Add your thoughts and moods daily to keep a clear head and remain strong during this journey (Pro Version).

---- Modern Design ----
- Modern & original design consistent with the modern design guidelines.

I hope my sobriety counter app helps you become free from alcohol forever. Don't wait, quit now or use stop slowly mode and let EasyQuit help you become a healthier and happier person :)

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