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Sleepy Pi – power of π – AME Mobile Inc.

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AME Mobile Inc. - Sleepy Pi - power of π アートワーク Sleepy Pi - power of π
AME Mobile Inc.
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥480
リリース日: 2017年6月14日

Sleep disorder? Stop counting sheep, feel the power of π!

What is Sleepy Pi?

It is a sensory soothing tool which is designed and developed to help people to get sleep easier, feel relax, and track their sleeping pattern.

It can help several issues you might have with sleeping including:
• reducing time to get sleep.
• providing sensory diet with endless numbers of π.
• tracking your falling in sleep pattern.

It comes with various features including
• providing color effect to increase synergy with numbers
• customizable color themes directly from your favorite photo.
• support piano note sound and human voice for each number.

Now, feel the power of Infinite world of π.

Warning, it could have side effect: you would end up remembering very long digit of π. 3.141592......

Tip for usage:
You can turn this app into sensory lamp to help you sleep with supporting by your favorite color theme. (Check the preview to watch Sleepy Pi in action.)

We always appreciate your feedback and opinion, please contact us to share your idea.

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