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11月 01, 2017 | コメントは受け付けていません。

MYMACROS - mymacros アートワーク mymacros
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥240
リリース日: 2016年1月16日

mymacros v2.0 is a simple and effective way to easily understand and calculate the amount of Protein, Fat and Carbohydrates you need daily to achieve your fitness goals. Pro users can oush macros to clients devices - like magic.

Our app created by our in house dietician calculates your macros based on key data unique to you. Update your weight and goals weekly to understand exactly what you should be eating. No more guessing.

Often people are using old and obsolete macros which are incorrect, this can affect your progress. Every week as you update your weight your macros will change. Why not share with mealprep companies?

We really hope you enjoy using our app.
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