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My Workout+ – My Macros LLC

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My Macros LLC - My Workout+ アートワーク My Workout+
My Macros LLC
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥480
リリース日: 2014年1月6日

Whether you are looking to gain strength, increase your cardio or just improve your lifestyle, My Workout+ is the exercise tracking app for you.

As featured on
• Good Morning America
• DailyBurn
• AskMen
• Mens Health

My Workout+ is the only workout tracking app made by a fitness professional! We are proud to bring you the complete workout tracking solution.

My Workout+ brings your workout tracking notebook to the 21st century providing you with great features such as:

550+ Preset Exercises & the ability to create your own
Saved workouts
Makes tracking workouts even faster
Help for beginners
Instructional videos along with text to make getting started easy
Rest Timer
Stay on top of your workout and know when it’s time to get back after it
Track advanced aspects of your workout
Things like RPE, Volume, Supersets are all available to track right in the app
Everything is customizable
You can add custom exercises or customize those right in the app already to make the app truly your own

—Rest Timer + iOS 16—
Keep a rest timer to know when it's time to get your next set.
• With iOS 16 that will start a live activity to show your time left right no your lock screen + with the iPhone 14 Pro it will also show up in the dynamic islandw

—Reach Your Goals—
Get alerted when you hit milestones like new PRs (personal records)
View your history and how much you’ve done in each rep range

—Track Cardio Too—
Keep track of your history in your cardio exercises as well
Track your cardio exercises duration & difficulty to get an estimated calories burned

—Dark Mode Support—
We fully support dark mode.

—Apple Watch App—
Track your entire workout straight from your wrist with our Apple Watch app.

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