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Lifts Workout Tracker – Omer Kushmirski

7月 08, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Omer Kushmirski - Lifts Workout Tracker アートワーク Lifts Workout Tracker
Omer Kushmirski
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2024年7月7日

Take your weightlifting journey to the next level with Lifts. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced lifter, Lifts offers a simple and intuitive way to log your workouts and monitor your progress. Keep track of personal records, analyze your performance, and stay motivated as you reach your fitness goals. Download Lifts now and start lifting smarter!

Log Your Workouts
Easily record your weightlifting workouts with a few taps. Capture details like exercise type, weight, reps, and sets for each session.

Track Your Progress
Monitor your improvements over time with clear, visual charts and graphs. Stay motivated by seeing how much you've improved and hitting new milestones.

Get Personal Records Analysis
Keep track of your personal bests for each exercise. Lifts updates your records automatically, so you always know when you've achieved a new high.

Analyze Your Performance
Dive into detailed statistics and insights to understand your strengths and areas for improvement, optimizing your training routine.

Say Goodbye to Notes
Keep everything organized in one convenient app. Say goodbye to paper and pen, and track your workouts without messy notes or lost records.

Set and Achieve Goals
Define and track your fitness goals. Whether you're aiming to lift heavier or achieve a new personal best, Lifts helps you stay on track and reach your targets.

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