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Kinesiology Applied – Alexander Reichl

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Alexander Reichl - Kinesiology Applied アートワーク Kinesiology Applied
Alexander Reichl
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥730
リリース日: 2013年12月13日

This Kinesiology App represents an easy and compact way to carry around in your pocket a digital form of appropriate tools for Kinesiology balance or coaching, such as emotion charts or color balance in order to release emotional stress or affirmations.
+++ Energy blocks as well as stress in the body mind system can quickly and easily be released by the Kinesiology App thanks to the combination of old and new knowledge of the teachings of energy. +++
*** The self-healing forces are reactivated. ***
The Kinesiology exercises and techniques shown in this app can be applied with the Kinesiology muscle test but also without it as the, so called “Noticing”, in coaching for example.
The creator, Alexander Reichl, therapist and trainer integrates currently relatively unknown elements to this app, based on his more than 30 years of experience in Kinesiology.

+++ For example with the following advantages and main functions: +++
• the “heart integration” by Stephen Rochlitz, explained and shown in a video stream
• the “5 element color balance” for emotional release redeveloped by Alexander Reichl, so far known as “5 element color balance” in pocket card form
• a “new emotion chart” with the 5 elements
• effective and efficient “affirmations” round off the main menu.

+++ Extras: +++
• “Brain gym exercises” show you how to rapidly improve your fitness and vitality thanks to energy and vitality exercises, especially useful for people in stressful daily life circumstances.
• The location of the meridians is shown clearly with its points of origin and endpoints.
• The finger modi, also called mudras, show which correction level has priority and in which sequence the corrections should be applied. A treatment works faster and more efficiently thanks to the application of the finger modi in combination with the muscle test.

+++ Dictionary: +++
• A dictionary of Kinesiology (“Wiki”) explains the background of the techniques shown and gives a summary of the 5 elements theory.

The finger mudra system and some more techniques complement the Kinesiology app.

+++ more Infos +++

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