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Caffiend – Caffeine Tracker – Creative Avenue LLC

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Creative Avenue LLC - Caffiend - Caffeine Tracker アートワーク Caffiend - Caffeine Tracker
Creative Avenue LLC
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2015年4月26日

Caffiend 2 is the fast and modern way to track your caffeine. Designed for speed, setup your favorite drinks and log them with one tap from your iPhone or Apple Watch. Choose from a wide variety of items preloaded in the Caffiend database or build your own Custom Items. Log items by tapping the plus button or swiping right from the dashboard. You can also swipe left to access the Journal.

Your Caffiend Journal is a history of all your intake. This allows you to track your caffeine and hydration intake over days, weeks, months and beyond. All journal entries can be edited to make adjustments to your caffeine history, all of which is reflected in Apple Health as well.

Add your most consumed items as Favorites and have one tap access from your phone and watch. You can have as many favorites as you want - you are no longer limited to just three. With Manual Entries you can also log any amount of hydration or caffeine without going through the database at all. If you prefer to mix your own drinks, Caffiend has improved support for custom items. If you feel like sharing, submit your custom items for inclusion in the Caffiend database. We will anonymously include your drink so others around the globe can use it too!

A brand new Settings screen allows you to customize Caffiend 2 to work the way you want it to. Caffiend 2 features a brand new metric conversion engine, but you can also take advantage of direct unit entries and get the exact measurement you want every time. Dark mode is even darker too, optimized for the OLED displays in the latest iPhones.

Caffiend 2 has an all new sizing engine which eliminates multiple entries and presets common drink sizes for one tap access. Missed a drink? Planning ahead? You can also set the date / time of when you want your caffeine/hydration to be logged in the journal.

Caffiend 2 for Apple Watch is a brand new experience that is designed for speed. Optimized for the latest Apple Watch, Caffiend 2 also features complications for every style. Swipe to access your favorites and with one tap log caffeine. All your favorites saved from your iPhone are instantly synced over to the Watch app.

Importantly, Caffiend does not require a subscription and never will.

I really hope you enjoy using Caffiend - follow me on Twitter @creative_ave for more. Please leave a review for Caffiend on the App Store and let me know how I'm doing. Caffiend will never pop up and ask you to rate it, but it is appreciated!

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