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4:7:8 Breathing – LINITIX

3月 24, 2020 | コメントは受け付けていません。

LINITIX - 4:7:8 Breathing アートワーク 4:7:8 Breathing
ジャンル: ヘルスケア/フィットネス
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2017年3月17日

This breathing technique is designed to put you to sleep in less than 60 seconds.

With this app, we aim to give you a simple and fast tool to practice this breathing technique.

Launch the app, start breathing...
- Inhale for 4 seconds through your nose
- Hold your breath for a count of 7
- Exhale for 8 seconds through your mouth
- Repeat

It can be used to help you fall asleep but it's also useful to calm yourself down.

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