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Invaders mini – Virtual GS

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Virtual GS - Invaders mini アートワーク Invaders mini
Virtual GS
ジャンル: ゲーム
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2015年5月9日

• Stuff: "Fun, simple and surprisingly playable on a watch, bound to bring on waves of nostalgia."
• Top 8: "Best Retro Games for Apple Watch"
• Wareable: "If you’ve heard of and enjoyed the classic game Space Invaders then you’ll love the version on the wrist… the game is a must."

【 Features 】
• Supports Apple Watch Series 7!
• Native full screen watchOS game!
• Control with digital crown or swiping
• Supports sound effects and vibration!
• Watch complications

【 Apple Watch 】
• Use Digital Crown or swiping left/right to move and fire.
• Tap screen to fire.
• Aliens will get faster and deadlier!
• Hit UFO for extra bonus points!

【 iPhone 】
• Comes with a free iPhone game!
• Tap on screen center to shoot.
• Tap on side of screen to move canon.

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