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myAccountsPro – Christopher Wagner

6月 06, 2022 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Christopher Wagner - myAccountsPro アートワーク myAccountsPro
Christopher Wagner
ジャンル: ファイナンス
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2020年1月7日

An updated version of the classic myAccounts app, built on the latest software platform!

I'll attempt to summarize the functionality, brace yourself...

- Digital Bank Register with the ability to keep track of ALL your Accounts
- Record all of your purchases and keep yourself right on track with your finances
- It's like a classic checkbook register only way better!
- Split Categories
- Round-Up to Savings (Round up your debit card purchases and transfer the money to savings account)
- Create Bills that offer flexible scheduling. Adding bills reminders helps you ensure you NEVER miss a bill payment again!
- FutureCast - Forecast your account balance based on upcoming bills (This is really helpful, at least for me...)
- Bill History lets you keep track of all the bills you have marked paid in the app.
- Calendar that will show when bills are due and show paid bill history.
- Reports and charts of your spending categories to let you track exactly where your money is spent.
- Advanced searching capabilities allowing you to find all your transactions.
- Loan Calculator to give you an idea of how a new loan will affect your finances. Complete with a list of all monthly payments and interest for each payment. Display amortization list to show how each payment will effect principal balance and interest per payment.
- Theme Coloring and Icon customization. You pick the way you want the app to appear on your device.
- Security Locking allows for securing your financial records without fear of prying eyes. Use TouchID, FaceID, or Passcode. The choice is yours!
- Email Backup and Restore to safely save all your account data without fear of data loss.
- Export to CSV for use in other applications.

Extremely intuitive and easy to use. I personally use this app for all my finances.

If it's not simple to use, I'm not doing something right. I appreciate your input on how to make it the best account tracking app on the market!

** Feel free to email any bugs or enhancement recommendations to

** I personally respond promptly to all emails to ensure that every customer gets the attention they deserve! Every email concerning bugs, problems and enhancements get special attention. You deserve it! Even if not all app developer agree...

** If you like this app, please leave a positive rating to keep me motivated to make enhancements. Thank you!

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