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Coins – Personal account book – Yuzhou Zhu

4月 03, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Yuzhou Zhu - Coins - Personal account book アートワーク Coins - Personal account book
Yuzhou Zhu
ジャンル: ファイナンス
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2012年11月1日

Coins is a simple, beautiful and smart app for tracking your daily expenses and income. It lets you know how much you are spending, when and where your money goes. Spend as few as 30 seconds every day, and you will become the master of your expenses!


1. Super Easy User Interface
No hassle to switch between different views. Coins lets you do most things on a single user interface. Tracking your personal finance can be as easy as entering a number.

2. Beautiful & Smart Report
The comprehensive and yet beautifully designed report shows your finance status at a glance. Suppose you set a monthly budget, Coins will let you know beforehand when you are spending too much. It will also smartly project your upcoming expenses based on historical records.

3. Smart Suggestion
Coins remembers your regular items and makes smart suggestions for quick entry. Adding a new transaction can be as easy as two taps.

4. iCloud Support
Data is always available to all your iOS devices. Anytime, Anywhere.

5. Privacy
Your data belongs to you. Coins will only store your data on your devices and your private iCloud account. You can also set a pin code for extra privacy.

6. Multi Currencies
The built-in multi-currencies feature makes Coins your must-have travel companion.

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