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Candice Japanese Candlesticks Index – James Redpath

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James Redpath - Candice Japanese Candlesticks Index アートワーク Candice Japanese Candlesticks Index
James Redpath
ジャンル: ファイナンス
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2009年12月2日

Japanese candlesticks provide a visual insight into Market psychology as one of many tools in technical analysis of the financial markets for trading success. This app provides 1) quick identification and interpretation of current market trading direction, 2) a complete reference on 100+ Japanese Candlestick patterns, and 3) two training games to build your knowledge of charting patterns.

Candice helps you quickly find the possible Japanese candlestick patterns in a chart from input of the trading situation. No more looking through numerous graphic images to match or memorizing what each pattern means. Enter specific values to find possible matches and then see the trade action. Patterns can also be found by name, prior trend, signal type (bearish/bullish), number of candles, or marked favorites. Each candle pattern provides image, name, signal, reliability, rating, trend, colors, how to recognize, recommended trade actions, and your own custom notes.

Candice employs a visual table of contents as well as a full index dictionary name reference. Caveat notes are provided as a separate extendable database on chart patterns as well as other references.

Candice comes with three game study operations: Flashcards, Guess and Press, and Slide Show to learn candle patterns. You can configure which patterns to learn or all of them.

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