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BeanApps LLC - Altfolio アートワーク Altfolio
BeanApps LLC
ジャンル: ファイナンス
価格: ¥600
リリース日: 2015年4月2日

Alt(ernative)folio is the perfect tool to have instant access to your net worth across alternative investments like precious metals and crypto currencies! Track your gains/losses with the transaction management features! If you have no historical record of your purchases, no problem! Just specify the quantity of the asset and Altfolio will even let you track transactions from that point forward.

Use the "Quick Shift" feature to convert between crypto without having to calculate fiat transaction amounts. Great for ShapeShift users.

Altfolio will also calculate the "average price" for your assets to track your dollar-cost averages.

Precious Metals
* Gold
* Silver
* Platinum
* Palladium

A cryptocurrency picker are available for you to choose virtually any coin just by searching for the symbol.

* CSV Import/Export
* Landscape view displays prices in Bitcoin and local fiat

Reporting Features (More coming)
* Buy Transactions / Year
* All Transactions across all assets
* Tag your assets so they're grouped together in a tagged asset report. ex: grouping Ethereum and Ethereum Classic

Security Features
* Touch ID Support
* 4 Digit Code entry coming soon!

Supported Currencies

Price data sources:

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