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Race Car Sounds – Leafgreen

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Leafgreen - Race Car Sounds アートワーク Race Car Sounds
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥120
リリース日: 2016年9月10日

Experience all the exciting noise of race day with these high-quality racecar sounds!

Race day at the track is full of noise and anticipation as drivers and onlookers alike prepare for the big race. As the cars line up to start the race, the sound of idling engines fills the air. Ready, set…GO! The whistle blows and engines rev as tires spin out on hot pavement, each car peeling out to get a good start in the race. As the race gets into gear, cars can be heard accelerating and shifting as they navigate the narrow racetrack. Drivers pass one another at high-speed, the sound of the engines and air creating a high-energy whirr of excitement. Wheels and metal rattle as the vehicles pick up speed. But it’s close on the corners and one driver can’t stay in control, swerving into the car next to him for the first exciting crash of the race! Both cars fall behind, checking into the service pit for a lightning speed tune up before joining the race once again. Adrenaline is high as the cars drive fast around sharp corners, each driver hoping to win the trophy that day. Finally, the checkered flag is thrown as the first car passes the finish line!

Hear these sounds and more as you immerse yourself in a day at the races with these high-quality race car sounds!

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