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Oko – Professional Magic Trick – Petro Gurido

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Petro Gurido - Oko - Professional Magic Trick アートワーク Oko - Professional Magic Trick
Petro Gurido
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥370
リリース日: 2017年5月11日

Oko is Professional ESP Prediction Magic Trick.
This app is for entertainment purposes only and use magicians secrets to perform mental prediction.

Magic Effect:
You will show the audience five ESP symbols on iPhone screen. Asking one spectator remember and concentrate on one symbol. Shake the iPhone and turn the face down on a table ( or set on spectator hand). Now ask your spectator his symbol and flip the iPhone face up. The symbol on screen match the spectator symbol. Incredible! After shake iPhone was all time in the participant hands or on distance. Audience will be left wondering how you did this magic trick.

After you learn the special secret of Oko Magic trick, you'll be able to perform this mentalism effect any time without long preparation.

Very clear Step by step offline Video tutorial and text instruction inside the app.

Oko was made for Professional magicians but learn take less than 10 minutes for beginners.

Warning this magic trick very powerful and:

*Not use voice recognition! You can ask your spectator write his symbol on piece of paper.
*Not use camera as secret.
*Not require GSM Network or Internet connection.
*Not require additional devices as secret.
*After shake iPhone can be on spectator hand.

App have additional Landmarks image Set so you can perform trick with 5 popular Landmarks.

This App work on iPhone, iPad, iPod with IOS 9.3 or higher.
For any questions please visit Oko Official Website :

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