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My Imaginary Friend – Moulay Hassan OUEDRHIRI

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Moulay Hassan OUEDRHIRI - My Imaginary Friend アートワーク My Imaginary Friend
Moulay Hassan OUEDRHIRI
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2015年12月15日

IMPORTANT NOTICE: Although this app can let you perform a powerful mental magic trick, you still need to carefully read the explanations and train a bit before you start to amaze your friends with it.
To learn how to use it, select Options, then set a password for secret area, then read the manual/secret or view the video..

This application is a fun and very powerful (mental) magic trick!

Admit it, it's been a while you haven’t shown something cool on your phone?
Now how about a cool magic trick!

Imagine this: you propose to someone a fun experiment using your phone.

To begin, they will have to merely think of a friend, they say absolutely nothing!

Then, you launch the application, hand them your phone and turn around completely.

You ask them to enter their thoughts on the phone: their friend’s gender, his or her name and even his job or nationality.

With your back still turned, you'll surprise them by revealing their thoughts!
And I mean all their thoughts!: Their friend’s gender, his or her name and even his job or nationality.

Not bad right?

Keep in mind that no other electronic device is involved!

To be able to perform this amazing trick, you’ll have to go through the following two easy steps:
Step 1: Download the app "My imaginary friend" on your phone.
Step 2: In the application menu, go to the secret area and read the instructions or watch the secret video.

Voila! That’s it.

Now you'll always be ready to amaze people around you!

It is like your phone is a magic wand that you always carry with you.

Now go and make the magic happen!

With many gathered feedbacks, we are glad to announce exciting new features and improvements for you!

Here’s what’s new for you in version 1.1:
- You can now make the secret even more undetectable!
- You can now customize the secret to fit more your style!
- The secret and all settings are now password protected!
- There's now a demonstration video of the effect available within the app!
- There's now a shorter explanation video available within the app.
- The looping sound in the menu lasts a few seconds only.

"If you like mind reading and mentalism, you should definitely check this app!"

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