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ISO – Kerstein & Qualter – Marc Kerstein

2月 07, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Marc Kerstein - ISO - Kerstein & Qualter アートワーク ISO - Kerstein & Qualter
Marc Kerstein
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥7,400
リリース日: 2023年2月2日

“Marc's apps are unbelievable.”
—David Blaine

ISO is a digital solution which enables many analogue effects.

ISO lets you perform miracles using a borrowed phone.

*** You can use ISO for:
- Bill to impossible location
- A book test with ANY printed text (a restaurant menu, a borrowed book, a magazine, etc)
- Playing card forces
- Stacked deck effects
...and so much more!

For example... imagine:

- You ask your spectator to borrow a bill, which they place on the table in front of them.
- Using THEIR phone, you openly take a photo of the bill to verify later.
- You crumple the bill into a ball in your hand, and have your spectator hold your wrist.
- You slowly open your hand to show that the bill has now VANISHED!
- The spectator then checks under their bag to find the bill!
- They check the serial number… it MATCHES the photo! It’s the SAME bill!

* Your phone is NEVER in play!
ISO only uses the spectator’s phone during the effect, meaning your phone is never seen.

* Carefully justified in every way
All stages of ISO’s possible effects and routines have been carefully thought through and are justified at each step.

* Works in ANY language
ISO is performable in any language. No text is visible during the effect, and so ISO can be used in any country or region.

* Multiple pairing methods
Includes an adaptive peek screen, plus optional printable pairing stickers and NFC tag support.

* Fully customisable
The many included settings, features and modes available let you use ISO for many different effects.

* WikiTest pairing integration
Performing ISO can leave your spectator paired and ready to perform WikiTest at the conclusion of ISO’s effect.

* VERY easy to perform
* NO accomplice used
* NO memory work needed

ISO is for entertainment purposes only.
Please get in touch to discuss video/audio/TV/internet broadcasting of any description of this effect.

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