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Irida – Magic Trick (Tricks) – Ioannis Gkortsos

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Ioannis Gkortsos - Irida - Magic Trick (Tricks) アートワーク Irida - Magic Trick (Tricks)
Ioannis Gkortsos
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥1,840
リリース日: 2017年10月16日

◆For THE FIRST TIME EVER a magic trick app is giving you the power to reveal any chosen card from a deck of cards BLINDFOLD and WITHOUT ANY INTERACTION with the spectator, his phone or your phone!◆

Welcome to IRIDA!


- Ask from your audience to use their OWN phone and let them open ANY browser and search for a mysterious PUBLIC video on Vimeo®! You can even post the video on any of their social network profile!

- An ordinary deck of cards is shown. The cards are displayed in a random order but for an equal amount of time.

- BEFORE the spectator hits the "Play" button, prompt him/her to close ANY POSSIBLE wireless communication on his/her iPhone (WiFi, Bluetooth, even GSM Network(!)), in order to block the phone's ability to send or receive any kind of information!

- Turn your back to your audience with your eyes closed or you can even use a blindfold (!). Put your hands behind your back, even with your sleeves rolled up (!), so there is NOT A SINGLE WAY that you can look at their phone or your phone or touch ANY electronic device or even make ANY suspicious movements behind and in front of you! You can have a second spectator to inspect you from your front!

- Now ask them to start the video and secretly pause it to a freely chosen card and concentrate on it!

- You SIMPLY name their chosen card out loud! You can repeat the trick as many times as you or the spectator wishes!

The perfection of simplicity in performance makes this magic trick the BEST of its kind!

Your audience will never suspect that an app or EVEN your phone was involved so all of the credit goes to YOU!


•The magician NEVER shows, touches or has ANY interaction with his phone!
•The magician NEVER touches the spectator's phone, not a SINGLE TOUCH from the very beginning of the trick!
•The spectator NEVER reveals his chosen card
•NO internet connection
•NO GSM Network
•NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access
•NO "leave and pick your device" tricks
•NO assistant
•NO voice recognition
•NO camera / proximity sensor (optical recognition)
•NO other devices
•NO "fake websites/interfaces" tricks


•You can perform Irida to anyone ◆ anytime ◆ anywhere! Use “Quick action” feature via 3D Touch to perform the trick instantly!

•The secret of the trick is protected from unauthorised users by using iOS Biometric authentication!

Irida is a professional magic trick app that uses advanced algorithms for card prediction and revelation that have never been used by any other app available! An inaccessible secret to anyone but you, that will captivate your audience and blow their mind away! It is intended for entertainment purposes only / does not provide any real-magic abilities.

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