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Housewives Tarot – The Fool’s Dog, LLC

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The Fool's Dog, LLC - Housewives Tarot アートワーク Housewives Tarot
The Fool's Dog, LLC
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2012年10月17日

According to gossip, the Housewives Tarot was introduced by housewife extraordinaire Marlene Louise Wetherbee in the early 1950s. One fateful afternoon at the bridge table, Marlene decided the time had come to reveal the secret of her suburban bliss: the Housewives Tarot.

Should you bring potato salad or deviled ham to the potluck supper? Is your kitchen forever spotless and lemon fresh? Does your mother-in-law adore you? All these dilemmas, and many more, are answered by domestic divination with the Housewives Tarot, now optimized for the 21st century.

*Intuitive, elegant interface is easy for beginners and experts

*Gorgeous full screen, high-resolution card images

*Full support for all current iOS devices
*78 divinely domestic Tarot cards
*96 page book on The Housewives Tarot

*5 built in layouts, including The Martini and The Dinette
*Design your own layout with Free Form

*Share reading via email, Facebook, and Twitter

*Sophisticated Journal
*Allow reversed cards or not

*Option to use Major Arcana only
*Zoom in to enlarge card details

*Animated shuffle & cut

*Optional voice prompts

*Customize with your own card meanings & reading cloths
*Many adjustable settings

*Book and card meanings available in English only

The Housewives Tarot guides you to domestic empowerment! Comes with secret recipes!

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