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Earworm – Marc Kerstein

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Marc Kerstein - Earworm アートワーク Earworm
Marc Kerstein
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥4,640
リリース日: 2015年1月8日

A song prediction effect with a borrowed phone - now performable in person or remotely!

Here's what happens:
- You ask a friend to take out their phone, mute the volume and open YouTube.
- You then take your friend's phone and play a song, returning the phone to your friend with its screen facing downwards.
- Now you apparently mentally transmit the thought-of song to your friend.
- Your friend names the first song that comes to mind, turns the volume up on their phone and looks at the screen to hear and see that your prediction was correct - that exact song is playing on their phone!

The video (and of course their phone) can be thoroughly inspected after the routine with NOTHING to find!

* Very easy to perform.
* No accomplice required.
* Any song can be named.
* No memory work.
* Works in multiple languages.

Rather than songs or music videos, you can use movie trailers or anything that you like!

* Works with multiple services - not just YouTube.
* Supports notifications for additional confirmation!
* Incredibly deceptive input methods.

You can now also perform Earworm remotely with Earworm Remote!

Rather than taking the spectator’s phone to make your prediction, you now can send your spectator a link to a video, tell them to open it but to not press play just yet.

You then proceed to perform Earworm as usual, using any of the available input methods.

The spectator then plays the video on their phone, to find your predicted song or video was indeed correct!

Video and audio broadcasting of any description (including TV, radio and Internet) of this effect is prohibited without the written consent of its creator.

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