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DFB X (Digital Force Bag X) – Marc Kerstein

6月 24, 2024 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Marc Kerstein - DFB X (Digital Force Bag X) アートワーク DFB X (Digital Force Bag X)
Marc Kerstein
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥18,000
リリース日: 2024年6月19日

DFB is the popular app that lets you force any one of 100 items in a list.
DFB X is a huge update, bringing many more powerful features, settings and integrations, including:

- Completely rewritten from ground up
- Based on DFB, DFB X is a brand new app from the same developer, rewritten with modern features

- New, more accurate Input Screen
- Icons highlight on touch
- Pull down for search
- Fully customisable
- Light and dark text colour
- Set your own icon badges
- Option to add background blur to imported wallpaper
- Can toggle visibility to hide/show icons to match your setup

- Prediction Notes
- Use DFB for a brand new effect: Reveal multiple out predictions with DFB.
- Instead of moving a list item to a location, swap out the entire note to just show the item at the input number.
- Set prepended text that will appear before any reveal.
- Comes with Mnemonica and other simple examples. For example: inputting “10” could reveal “I knew you would choose the two of spades” or “I knew I would meet someone born in October”

- Brand new input methods
- “Search Input” covert typing input using the familiar DFB 3x3 grid but on the keyboard
- Customise to use any keys to suit your language
- “Input flip” mode - auto swap digits entered for second input
- “Web Control” input - share a URL to have an accomplice control your DFB X input number locally or remotely
- “Voice input” - set the number in DFB X with your voice
- Manual and gyro text inputs - dynamically update your force or any list item with input text

- In a pinch? Use DFB X AI to quickly generate lists for almost anything
- DFB X AI can also generate dynamic list items for existing lists - For example, inputting “Oppenheimer” in performance with a list that has “Director of $$$” will cause that item to become “Christopher Nolan”
- Uses AI credits - some free credits included, with more credits available for purchase

- Badge Peek
- Peek icon swipe inputs in a natural display. Perfect for filmed performances, or when mirroring your phone display to a large screen

- Improved Classic Peek
- Choose when it displays: either on every page or just to confirm on the last page
- Peek numbers sent via input methods

- Integrations
- AWP Pro Mode integration - write a number to have DFB X auto update
- WikiTest integration - automatically replace text in a note with what’s searched for on WikiTest
- Earworm integration - use Earworm’s popular covert typing web search and notes input to automatically update specified text in any list

- Bluetooth remote input support
- Supports the Atom remote, with more remote support planned
- Number can be input whilst on any performance screen to instantly change the force location

- Dummy notes enhancements
- Dummy notes can now be placed anywhere for more realism
- Can easily add/remove/hide dummy notes at will

- More comprehensive settings
- Hide list numbers
- Lists can now appear more natural with no numbers displayed, ideal for shorter lists
- Adjust reveal note font size settings to be more legible for parlour and stage performances
- Option to show lists with the force item hidden
- Quickly hide/show any note before performance
- Swipe up from bottom to return to DFB X icon input home screen - no more tapping small buttons

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