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Dark Force – Air Gesture Magic – Ioannis Gkortsos

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Ioannis Gkortsos - Dark Force - Air Gesture Magic アートワーク Dark Force - Air Gesture Magic
Ioannis Gkortsos
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥1,220
リリース日: 2015年3月12日

◆For THE FIRST TIME EVER, a magic trick app combines the ability to control your iPhone using REAL air gestures (no optical, voice or proximity recognition) with an UNTHINKABLE mind reading effect!◆

Welcome to Dark Force! The 2nd Chapter of the Magic App Collection!

Dark Force is a professional magic trick app that uses an advanced air gesture and number prediction algorithm that has NEVER been used by ANY other app available on the store! An inaccessible secret to anyone but you, that will captivate your audience and blow their mind away! It is intended for entertainment purposes only / does not provide any real telekinetic or telepathic abilities.

▶The effect:

- Give your iPhone to a spectator and NEVER touch it again.

- Prompt him to close any possible wireless communication (Wi-fi,GSM,Bluetooth), cover the front and rear camera if he wants to, and open Dark Force.

- Ask him to secretly enter a 4-digit password into Dark Force's Lock Screen, while you are facing away from him and your phone.

- The lock screen will be activated right the moment he enters his last digit and now it's your turn!

- Start revealing the 4-digit password to the spectator and by his orders, rise your hand in the air forming an iconic (virtual) iPhone next to the real one and, with the power of Dark Force, start making the real iPhone to follow your commands!

- Point at the phone to turn its screen off and on!!

- Swipe in the air to enter the numeric keypad!!

- Wave your finger in the air just like pressing on a touchscreen and enter the spectator's secret password deactivating the lock screen!!

A seemingly impossible prediction, combined with an amazing and powerful telekinetic technic, makes Dark Force one of the BEST magic tricks available on the App Store.

▶Dark Force is UNIQUE and has NO Limitations!

•The magician NEVER touches the iPhone, not a SINGLE TOUCH!
•The spectator NEVER reveals his secret password!
•NO video playback
•NO internet connection
•NO GSM Network
•NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access
•NO "leave and pick your device" tricks
•NO additional items or assistant
•NO microphone (voice recognition)
•NO camera / proximity sensor (optical recognition)
•NO other electronic devices

▶You can perform Dark Force to anyone ◆ anytime ◆ anywhere!

▶Fourteen pages of detailed instructions are included. A step by step tutorial to embrace the Dark Side of the Force and perform live to your audience!

▶Two completely different methods* to perform the effect, two completely different ways to blow their mind away!

▶iPhone X ready!

*The first method requires an additional item (very easy to find and extremely cheap to buy) to perform the illusion!

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