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Aurebesh IO (no ads) – Bence Feher

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Bence Feher - Aurebesh IO (no ads) アートワーク Aurebesh IO (no ads)
Bence Feher
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥100
リリース日: 2017年2月27日

Aurebesh IO (IO = in out!) is a simple as can be translator between the Aurebesh and English languages!

Features Include:
• Aurebesh Text Input! - Type any Aurebesh you find out in the wild directly into this app for translation!
• A symbol table for easy lookup when you spot some Aurebesh in the wild!
• View your message in English or Aurebesh!
• Post your messages to Facebook from within the app!
• Tweet your messages from within the app!
• Save your message to your camera roll! Most sites do not support displaying Aurebesh as a font. By saving your message to your camera roll, you can post it anywhere you want as an image!
• Customize your message color!

Start sending imperial orders to your friends, family, boss, and/or rebel spies today!

Aurebesh is provided by this app as a font. No other native iOS app supports Aurebesh!
This means that you can type in Aurebesh only in this app and any other custom apps that support the AurebeshINV font.
This isn't something that I can control. If you want Aurebesh text in your other apps, contact Apple.

AurebeshINV font by Tycho_Ordo
Aurebesh IO Copyright © 2016-2017 Bence Feher. All rights reserved.

© © 2017 Bence Feher