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Adyton – Magic Trick (Tricks) – Ioannis Gkortsos

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Ioannis Gkortsos - Adyton - Magic Trick (Tricks) アートワーク Adyton - Magic Trick (Tricks)
Ioannis Gkortsos
ジャンル: エンターテインメント
価格: ¥1,480
リリース日: 2014年12月8日

◆For THE FIRST TIME EVER a magic trick app takes mind reading magic to the next level by giving you the power to reveal any card from a deck of cards on your iPhone's screen and then to a physical card, while it is turned off and without you or your spectators interact with it in any possible way!◆

Welcome to ADYTON!


- Show your iPhone/iPad, screen turned off (!), and ask your audience to name one card (or pick one from a deck of cards).

- Any card...

- Now ask THEM to hold your device while concentrating on their choice.

- Their chosen card is starting to appear on the screen in an mind blowing revelation effect!

- Touch the chosen card on the screen and instantly transform it into a real card!

The perfection of simplicity in performance makes this magic trick the BEST of its kind! A seemingly impossible prediction since you let your audience to interact with your device!

Your audience will never suspect that an app was involved so all of the credit goes to you and not your iPhone/iPad! (stealth feature)!


•The magician NEVER touches the phone, not a single touch after the audience's choice!
•NOT a single touch on the screen
•NO internet connection
•NO other devices
•NO GSM Network
•NO Wi-Fi or Bluetooth access
•NO "leave and pick your device" tricks
•NO additional items or assistant
•NO microphone (voice recognition)
•NO camera (optical recognition)


•You can perform Adyton to anyone ◆ anytime ◆ anywhere! Use “Quick action” feature via 3D Touch to perform the trick instantly!

•The secret of the trick is protected from unauthorised users by using iOS Biometric authentication!

Adyton is a professional magic trick app that uses advanced algorithms for card prediction and revelation that have never been used by any other app available! An inaccessible secret to anyone but you, that will captivate your audience and blow their mind away! It is intended for entertainment purposes only / does not provide any real-magic abilities.

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