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Numberblocks: Bedtime Stories – Blue-Zoo

2月 10, 2023 | コメントは受け付けていません。

Blue-Zoo - Numberblocks: Bedtime Stories アートワーク Numberblocks: Bedtime Stories
ジャンル: 教育
価格: ¥480
リリース日: 2023年1月19日

Make Numberblocks Bedtime Stories part of your child's daily routine with five BRAND NEW original number-based tales designed to help your child relax and drift off to sleep:

1. One's Big Band
2. See-Saw
3. Numberblock Three and the Kittens
4. Four Goes on a Square Hunt
5. Where are the Numberblobs?

Wind down, snuggle up and relax whilst listening to calming stories featuring your favourite Numberblocks. With relaxing music, soothing narration and ambient sounds, Numberblocks Bedtime Stories are audio-only stories and do not require screens; perfect for bedtime and nap time.

Developed in consultation with child development and child psychology experts, Numberblocks Bedtime Stories is brought to you by the multi-award-winning team behind BAFTA-nominated pre-school learning favourites, Alphablocks, Numberblocks & Colourblocks.

Are you ready to head to the land of nod with the Numberblocks? Snuggle up, close your eyes and relax...

"The gentle narration of Numberblocks Bedtime Stories and relaxing music combine to help children relax, wind down after a busy day and prepare for sleep." Dr. Barbie Clarke, child and adolescent psychotherapist

This free app does not contain any in-app purchases or involuntary adverts.

What's included in Numberblocks Bedtime Stories?

1. Five BRAND NEW original audio stories to help your child drift off to sleep.
2. Wind down, relax and snuggle up with your favourite Numberblocks.
3. Calming stories, relaxing music, perfect for bedtime and nap time.
3. Make Numberblocks Bedtime Stories part of your child's bedtime routine.
4. This app is entertaining and safe, being COPPA and GDPR-K compliant and 100% ad-free.

Privacy & Safety:

At Blue Zoo, your child’s privacy and safety is the first priority for us. There are no ads in the app and we will never share personal information with any 3rd parties or sell this on.

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