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3D Canine Anatomy –

6月 17, 2021 | コメントは受け付けていません。 - 3D Canine Anatomy アートワーク 3D Canine Anatomy
ジャンル: 教育
価格: ¥3,540
リリース日: 2014年3月3日

The App lets you explore the detailed anatomical model of a German Shepherd. It is an interactive model that allows for the animal internal systems to be viewed and manipulated layer by layer or simultaneously with other layers, at various zoom levels. Individual anatomical structures can be highlighted and display a caption, or they can be removed to permit viewing of deeper structures.

Available in English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Japanese and Latin.

The app is intended to be a supplemental educational resource and should NOT be used as the only source of educational information, nor should the app be used as medical advice or for medical diagnoses of any kind.

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