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Stock Controller – Simon Barker

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Simon Barker - Stock Controller アートワーク Stock Controller
Simon Barker
ジャンル: ビジネス
価格: ¥250
リリース日: 2016年7月8日

Stock Controller is an inventory and production management App made by factory managers for factory managers. Smart component and product management warns you when you risk running out of stock based on recent production and dispatch rates. Track every aspect of your production line so you never let your customers down.

All you need to keep production running smoothly
- Every supplier at your finger tips with quick add from your phone's contacts.
- All your components stored, multi location stock levels, smart quantity warnings based on lead time and manufacturing rate. Exportable for quick stock take.
- Each product listed, editable sub components, smart stock warnings based on dispatch rate.
- Record daily production totals, updates stock on hand for all stock levels and helps predict upcoming shortages.
- List each location you hold stock at so you can record draw downs and off site quantities.
- Record daily dispatch totals for each product, helps predict stock shortages.
- Save stock deliveries, updates component stock levels. Can record fresh deliveries to any location and stock transfers between locations.
- Create and monitor purchase orders.

Component monitoring
Running our of component stock is the cardinal production sin. Our intelligent stock warnings monitor how much of each part has been used over the previous few weeks of production and colours the stock level bubble accordingly.

Based on current production rates we tell you:
- Green: Plenty of that part (more than that parts lead time + 2 weeks)
- Orange: Less than that parts lead time plus two weeks.
- Red: Less than this parts lead time of stock on hand

Product monitoring
Knowing how much stock you can immediately get your hands on is vital when operating "just in time" so our warnings give you a strong idea of which products you have plenty of and which need more of a buffer.

Based on the previous 2 weeks dispatch rate we can tell you:
- Green: Plenty of this product on hand (more than 2 weeks)
- Orange: Less than 2 weeks of this product on hand.
- Red: Less than 0 of this product on hand.

All of the data you put into Stock Controller is exportable to either CSV spreadsheets (Excel) or an SQLite database. We don't trap your data so time spent setting up your products and components is never wasted! This is also useful for monthly stock takes and sharing a snap shot of your operation with investors and stake holders.

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