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SOLight – Sun & Light – anvartec

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anvartec - SOLight - Sun & Light アートワーク SOLight - Sun & Light
ジャンル: ビジネス
価格: ¥600
リリース日: 2010年12月22日

Where is the sun now – SOLight will show you the way!
Find the position of the sun and its track through the sky by simply pointing your iPhone/iPad at the sky!

###### „Really good – Highly recommended!“ ######

TOP 10 App in category Business in Germany and Austria!

> You are going to view an apartment on a rainy day – and want to know if it has a sunny terrace?

> Photographers who need natural light to get their subject or scene properly framed can use SOLight to find the best time or location to get those perfect shots.

> Film Production. Film production is expensive and time is of the essence so using a SOLight, directors, set builders and lighting crew are able to synchronize the best daylight and know the direction of the sun or its current position.

> Solar Energy Installers (DIY and professional) – Figuring out the optimum position for solar energy collection is crucial for installers to make the most of the solar energy available.

> Builders/Upgraders – Adding to an existing building can be made easier as knowing how to track the sun means finding out where light and solar heat or shade is available and at what times of the day.

> Architects and Planners – Visit your target development location and quickly record the direction of the sun from any point.

Using SOLight, see the exact track of the sun live or for any chosen day from any location on the planet, all shown conveniently as an image on your screen!

Sunlight is a commodity we can all do with or without depending on the circumstances – those with too much need to know how to find the shade and those with too little need to maximize the amount they can access. Using SOLight it is possible to accurately determine the amount of available light (or shade) and the length of time it is incident!

This mode is an instant way of seeing the position of the sun relative to wherever the device is pointed. If the sun is not in view of the device, an animated sun arrow helpfully points the way to the current sun position, realigning itself in real-time as the device is re-oriented.

Built in compass display shows the precise direction the device is pointed at so when sun track images are recorded.

Automatically displayed Winter/Summer Paths– In the display, the red and yellow lines above and below the suns current (white) track indicate where the sun tracks at the highest and lowest points of its seasonal travel.

Sun tracking curves are displayed with an easy to read timeline so the time of day when the sun passes a particular point, or the time shading starts/ends can be read by simply looking along the sun track.

Date View – Set a new date. The display will update to show data about the position of the sun and its track relevant to that date.

Detailed information about the track of the sun and its position at any time is available right on the screen or in the Detail View.

Save your sun track image or share the picture instantly via email – location scouts and realtors can send an image of their screen containing all the sun position, sun track, time and location information to an email address or save the taken picture on the device for later use.


# Current sun track
# Sun track for the summer solstice (peak)
# Sun track for the winter solstice (lowest point)
# Current sun position
# Peak time and precise daylight length for all calculated sun tracks
# Every full hour is marked on the sun tracks
# Positioning with digital compass and integrated gyroscope
# Compass direction and elevation for the viewing direction
# Crosshair and horizon line
# Operates worldwide with GPS data

### Download SOLight and transform your iPad/iPhone into an instant solar calculator! ###

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