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PDF Size Compressor – Nikhil Anshuman

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Nikhil Anshuman - PDF Size Compressor アートワーク PDF Size Compressor
Nikhil Anshuman
ジャンル: ビジネス
価格: ¥490
リリース日: 2019年12月30日

Compress PDF and reduce its size by maintaining good quality. For example : If there is a PDF file of size 15 MB, the application could compress it to a size of 5 MB.
The application is also very useful for compressing PDF files with scanned pages, graphics and photos. Compressed PDF documents require less disk space for storage and facilitate faster uploads and downloads which saves transmission time, internet data and cost. This application gives you access to many compression options to help you to reduce PDF file size without compromising the document's quality.

Key Features:

-> Email PDFs easily
Compress the PDF file before you email it. In this way, the email will not only be delivered faster but also will be be quicker to open at the receiver's end. The email providers have a file size limit of 20MB, so compressing PDFs will also help to keep the attachment size within limits.

-> Download and upload the PDF files easily
Compress and use a smaller version of the PDF files with good quality. In this way, the PDF files will load more quickly on your website and it will also download quickly on the visitor's devices.

-> Great Quality of PDF
Compress your PDF files using multiple compression options to get a combination of prefect quality and file size which is great for uploading files to the web, sharing with the other applications and sending it through email on mobile phones.

-> Compress even more by changing the PDF contents to Grayscale :
The PDF could also be converted to Grayscale along with the compression. Changing the colour of images and contents of the PDF to grayscale helps in further reducing the file size of the PDF.

-> Save disk storage space
The compressed PDF files also save storage space on the phone which could help in storing more other files to the device.

-> Quick and efficient
The application is quick to compress PDF files and produces accurate results.

Note : Some PDF documents might not get compressed. This could happen when the PDF is already optimized to maximum extent or there are no compressable items in the PDF file.

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