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Dialing God – The Kabbalah Centre International

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The Kabbalah Centre International - Dialing God アートワーク Dialing God
The Kabbalah Centre International
ジャンル: ブック
価格: ¥1,600
リリース日: 2009年8月29日

The ultimate guide to Kabbalistic Prayer and meditation, now for iOS 11, iPad and iPhone X.

If you throw a penny from your balcony, you know it will eventually fall… because of gravity. Like the physical laws of the universe, there are also spiritual laws. Revealed to humans at the dawn of time, these laws are as influential in our daily lives as gravity, but they remain hidden to the five senses. The ancient kabbalists have developed a set of tools to interact with these forces. One of them is Kabbalistic prayer.

The Dialing God™ 2.0 app is the only one of its kind in the world. It’s made for beginners but has become an indispensable daily tool of advanced Kabbalah students across the world. Download it today to begin your journey.

What you’ll get:

• Easy Navigation: Swipe for next and previous prayers. No more returning to the menu!
• Automatic Ana Be’koach – Ana Be’koach customized for you with the Angels of the Day and Tikkun Ha’nefesh automatically appear in the correct location based on day and month
• English transliterations Toggle
• Additional Content from the 2nd Edition of Dialing God™ such as: Meditation for Memory Meditation for Traveling, Prayer after Food and more!
• Your Prayers with you on the go, whether it’s your iPhone or iPad
• Glossary to help define our terminology.

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