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Calibre Mobile – Harmen Reichert

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Harmen Reichert - Calibre Mobile アートワーク Calibre Mobile
Harmen Reichert
ジャンル: ブック
価格: ¥610
リリース日: 2017年7月17日

Provide up to 3 paths to the libraries (http https or ftp) and you are ready to go!

Search on Title author tag or description. Search google for that book in the same app fully automatic, no switching apps. Click on tags to search for them. Define your sorting (new books first).

New: Added Stored query's. Use it for anything like full text search. Store up to 5 query's

Special search. This is a tag search but with a twist. The tag is something like “Science fiction”. But it can also be “Sf” or “Sci-Fi”. Same genre.

If you do a tag search in “Special” the system searches for that tag and takes all authors and searches books by that author. Search for “Sf” it finds “Isaac Asimov” and “Jules Verne” in one or more books. It then searches for those authors.

Search books, look in author title description or all. List results and download the book into your reader app. No tinkering with iTunes. Put the calibre library anywhere. Your pc, a website, or a NAS. Make sure you have http or ftp access and you are ready.

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